If you are a newcomer and have an interest in working in agriculture, you have farming experience, or have a desire to start your own agri-business this information will be useful in pursuing your goals.

Since everyone has different ideas about farming, this information explores some of the options available and what you may need to start an agricultural business in Ontario.

The Business Resource Guide for New Farmers includes useful general information and website links for additional, detailed guidance.

We will also be adding a section in the website with agricultural opportunities in Ontario that will be managed and updated by our office on a regular basis. The section will provide information on land for sale or lease and current food and agricultural jobs in Ontario.


Starting a Business - Alison Davies

Financing a Farm Business - Bob Shalla

Work Experience & Academic Qualifications (PLAR) - Sandy Novroski

Land Prices - Sandra Smith

Ontario Crops & Soil - Paul Reeds

English Language Training - Michelle Rosebush

Adult Education, Literacy, Job Skills Training - Kathy Kennedy

Importance of Credit & Personal Finances - Katherine Gauthier

Market Trends in Agriculture in Ontario - Karen Fischer

Settlement Agency Services

Legal Help. Free Legal Clinics - Gina Cockburn